Who we are

A passion for watchmaking and aesthetic research

We make hand-crafted accessories for watches

We have been doing it for almost thirty years in Italy, the Country in which, from the sixteenth-century workshops to the present day, technical expertise and aesthetic taste have become a worldwide standard. We work with skilled artisans, chosen for their ability to combine beauty, research and undisputed quality of workmanship.


The art of matching

Even the most beautiful watch can become unattractive by being matched with an unsuitable strap. Our products are designed with the aim of harmonizing the combinations. We love working on details, to reach an original result every time.

Genius loci

Our aspiration is to bring Italian manufacturing excellence into the international watch accessories sector. Our merit, if there is one, stops here. Because the pursuit of beauty, creativity and attention to quality are part of the "Italic genius", the priceless legacy of those who have gone before us.